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Build long lasting productive business relationships with the surrounding sporting organizations within Eastern North Carolina. Provide professional sporting photographic services to the teams and parents at an affordable price point. Offer exceptional customer service, while building community associations.

1. Products and Service

     A.)  Affordable Pricing – SLP offers portrait packages that are of high quality, yet priced to support the income of all families within our community.

     B.)   Specialty Items – SLP has partnered with one of the industry standard printing labs to offer the teams and families magnificent specialty items. (Water bottles, trading cards, wall clings, posters, magazine covers…the list goes on and on).

     C.)   Action Shots – There is nothing that SLP loves more than to come out and support the teams by watching the games and capturing the determination and excitement on the faces of the players. These shots will be placed online in team galleries for easy viewing and ordering.

     D.)   Standard Team & Individual Portraits – SLP is a mobile studio solution, we have all the necessary lighting and camera equipment to produce top notch team and individual portraits.

     E.)   Customer Service – SLP is centered on customer service, we take pride in our work and the art form of photography. We are extremely friendly and accessible  to our clients / customers.

2. Qualification &Training

     A.)   Stormy Long Photography is a licensed and registered North Carolina local business.

     B.)   Lead photographer is a New York Institute of Photography graduate.

     C.)   Stormy Long is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) organization.

     D.)   Stormy Long is also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)


Stormy Long Photography offers quality products at an affordable price point. We are well trained photographers with a passion for community services. SLP’s viewing and ordering galleries are integrated with Facebook and other social media platforms for easy sharing.

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