About Me

Yours Truly

For 2014 my primary focus will be on releasing the creative and artistic ideas that I have floating around in my mind, which will hopefully help to restore and add value to the art form of Photography & Digital Graphic Art in my surrounding area, which is currently saturated with the point and shoot photographers.




I’m a tax paying business owner, with a passion for the Arts, originally from Chicago my photographic vision is geared towards Beauty, Glamour and Fashion, for ALL women. Beauty is defined and possessed by the “Everyday” women, the hard working CEO, Managers & Business Owners, the stay at home mom who places everyone and everything before herself, the young ladies that are on their journey into womanhood.

My photo retouching style is contrasty & edgy with a twist of high fashion elements to see some of my work take a moment to click around in my portfolio 


I'm always looking to work with and meet new people. If you have a shoot you've been trying to turn into your reality and it falls within the parameters that I have identified, contact me…let’s talk about it. All work that I’m doing in 2014 must benefit me creatively. My time is valuable and I will be selective to the projects / assignments that I accept.




Aside from contacting me directly on this site  you can contact me through.

Contact Form: https://app.shootq.com/public/~2c4753/contact

Email: photos@stormylong.com

Phone: (855) 99-PHOTO (74686) 

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